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Truth-telling by, for and about B-WGGDT survivors of anti-Black gender-based violence to across the country

WomenatthecentrE is launching the first and only national research by and for Black women, girls, gender diverse and trans survivors of anti-Black gender-based violence. Use your voice for social change. Take our survey or participate in an interview or focus-group and receive a $25 honorarium. Be part of Black History.

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Truth and Transformation: Advancing Gender Equity for Black Women, Girls, Gender-Diverse and Trans People in Canada. We want to understand your satisfaction with the services you accessed, if any, and any challenges or barriers encountered in accessing them. It is part of a larger movement and five-year initiative (2021-2026). This research is being conducted across Canada so that we can document the diverse experiences of Black survivors accessing support services throughout the country. Your answers are important to us. However, you may choose to stop participating.