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What is the Black Liberation Youth Caucus?

The Black Liberation Youth Caucus is a virtual, synchronous peer-support program where Black girls, trans and gender-diverse youth who are survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) between the ages of 12-29, can continue on their healing journey. Given that Black youth have less access, opportunities, and support, due to systemic anti-Black racism and gender discrimination, this program is a culturally relevant response and strategy of resistance to the lack of resources and safe spaces for Black youth to center their lived experiences of GBV and its intersections with anti-Black racism (ABR).

Our youth-led, survivor-centered program focuses on supporting the mental health and well-being of Black youth, utilizing art-therapy methods, such as creative writing and drawing to promote healing.

How will this benefit of the Black Liberation Youth Caucus?

The Caucus will be a safe space to engage in building community and facilitating transformative change utilizing the Amourgynoir Framework, a concept developed by Nneka MacGregor, to combat anti-Black gender-based violence (aBGBV), misogynoir, and counter systemic hatred through Black feminist frameworks of love.

Sessions: Self-Care, Empowerment, Arts and Activism

Through six facilitated sessions held on a monthly basis, we aim to create a supportive environment where up to thirteen participants can discuss pressing issues around GBV and empower each other with practices of love, healing, care, compassion and safety. The program will end with a collective Zine where the youth will share their artistic creations to inspire each other toward a reimagined and liberated world fostered in transformative change for Black girls and trans and gender-diverse youth survivors across the globe.

Each session will have different themes/topics, including:

Arts and activism

And more!

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