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As the proud mother of a young man who is kind, wise, thoughtful, and caring, I also do this work so my son can know and understand what love means and
looks like for our community as Black people, as people of African descent –so he knows that love is intersectional, it is anti-violence, it is joy, it is healing, it is fundamentally about relationships, that there is no ‘I’ without the ‘We’.

And ‘We’ cannot exist without Black women, girls, and gender diverse people.

“I do this work as a labour of love and healing from anti-Black gender based violence and also to counter our continued erasure. To make ourselves visible and reinsert our contributions as leaders in the gender-based violence sector and beyond, precisely because of the incomparable contributions we have, and continue to make for social justice, and specifically, intersectional racial and gender equity.”


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